09/07/2016 Papanui High School
Blind Fury on July 9 saw a huge night of action, with Charlie Roberts being forced to tap out in the main event by Jax Kasey!

Other results include El Falcone defeating Curtis Castlewood, T. Cole and Abraxas going to a double count-out draw (followed by a brawl backstage) and Devin Lockhart lost to Shadow Ninja after Bryant appeared on-screen.

Tony Dasler and the Kamikaze Brothers truly took the fight to the Southern Wrecking Crew in the brutal street fight, but in the end the Crew proved to be too strong.

Also in action, “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn evened the score by defeating Hu$tla. ¬†Following the match, Rufguts surprised those in attendance by offering a handshake to Hu$tla, followed by Hu$tla raising Rufguts’ arm in victory.