Aftershock Pro Wrestling presents: 

Domination saw the crowning of our first ever APW Heavyweight Champion in Christchurch’s Favorite Son Jax Kasey. One of the hardest workers in the company Kasey earned that title with his blood and sweat.
We also Brutal Match between Southern Wrecking Crew and The Kamikaze Brothers saw new Tag team Champs crowned in the rookie team of the Kamikazes, knocking the crew of the top.

Match Card

APW Championship
Four Way Match
Qualifiers TBD

APW Tag Team Championship
Southern Wrecking Crew(c) vs Kamikaze Brothers​Curtis Castlewood vs Kartik

Bryant vs Lance Havok

Brook Duncan vs Will Power

Battle of the Bodies
Michael Richards vs T. Cole
Guest Referee: ​Scarlett

APW Championship Qualifying Tournament
​Featuring Jax Kasey, “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn, Charlie Roberts, “Big Gun” Jesse Harris and more TBA

05/12/2015 Papanui High School

The Southern Wrecking Crew (Reece Breeg and Simon Seven) defeated Jax Kasey and Shadow Ninja.

Nick Silver defeated El Falcone.

JPW defeated Scarlett to retain the KPW Women’s Championship.

T Cole defeated “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn via disqualification.

Hu$tla defeated Curtis Castlewood.

James Shaw defeated “The Deal” Dal Know in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Aaron Henry, Ben Mana and Kingston Eclipse defeated Rodeo Drive.