02/04/2016 Papanui High School
Hu$tla defeated the Southern Wrecking Crew’s Enforcer Reece Breeg to claim the number 30 spot in the Stampede match.  Reece Breeg will had to settle with the number 1 spot.

The team of El Falcone and Shadow Ninja (Falcons and Ninjas are Totally Awesome) fought courageously, but the Southern Wrecking Crew’s Murdoch Brothers proved too strong, and picked up the victory.

In a very evenly fought contest, IPW Women’s Champion Britenay picked up the victory over Megan-Kate.

Simon Seven was originally meant to take on T-Cole, however T-Cole was injured earlier in a suspicious parking lot incident.
Forbes Bentley, the fan that Seven attacked at Coastal Collision in February was revealed to be Seven’s new opponent.
Bentley tried his best, but the Southern Wrecking Crew’s Simon Seven was too much for the debuting Bentley  and picked up the win.

Following the match, Seven continued attacking Bentley, causing Brodie Coast, TJ Williams and Daniel Lawson to come out to make the save.  Even this proved to not be enough, as Simon Seven revealed the Southern Wrecking Crew’s surprise to be Megan-Kate joining the group, followed by the remaining Southern Wrecking Crew coming out to clear house and stand tall in the ring.

In a brutal matchup which saw both men taking each other to the absolute limit, the IPW Heavyweight Champion James Shaw had to submit in the end to “Rufguts” Roddy Gunn.
Following the match, GM Tony Dasler announced that tonight was Shaw’s last night in APW.

And in the main event, Jax Kasey won the 2016 Stampede match.  Congratulations Jax Kasey!